WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse v6.2 – application for converting Android smart devices to remote mice and keyboards!
Purchased version for $ 2.0

It has often happened to all of us that we want to work with our personal computer or laptop and our mouse and keyboard are broken or we do not have access to them in that situation and time, in such cases it is better to go to the device. Visit your smart and get help from the unique power of Android operating system ! The professional WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse app helps its users to turn their smartphone into a remote mouse or keyboard and make the most of it by easily connecting it to their computer. This application uses two ways of communication, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to connect to personal computers and connects in the shortest possible time. All mouse features such as right click, left click, scroll, drag and drop and… are available and you can easily meet all your needs. Perhaps one of the factors of progressWiFi and Bluetooth Mouse is considered to be a very practical system for converting speech to text, so that after connecting the program to a personal computer, instead of using a keyboard to type, Google’s smart audio system can be used to write its texts by voice. It is good to know that the features of this powerful software are not limited to the mentioned points and the file management system embedded in it enables any user to easily view and manage the files in the computer.

Some features and capabilities of Android WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse application:

  • Turn your Android device into a remote mouse and keyboard
  • Communicate using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to a computer
  • Supports all mouse movements
  • Support for NUMPAD keys
  • Fully automatic server detection
  • Ultra-intelligent speech-to-text system
  • Ability to browse computer files and manage and execute them
  • Ability to view the computer screen on the computer

Application WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse has been able to price worth 2.0 dollars score 4.1 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store downloads, which can be purchased version it’s completely free of Farsrvyd received and with a few simple clicks your computer Manage remotely.

Changes in version v6.2:

* UI update
* Troubleshooting the app
* Added new features