As you know, one of the most used ways to access the Internet among users of Wi-Fi networks is to turn it on several times during the day and receive messages from our friends on social networks and messengers. do. Some of us need to be up to date and receive messages with the least possible delay due to having our own businesses or some other daily activities! One of the best ways to get all your messages on time is to use an automatic Wi-Fi connection! WiFi Automatic – WiFi Hotspot Premium Unlocked as Smart Software for Automating WiFi Connection for Android Devices developed and published by Kimcy929. This application helps its users to automatically turn on and off Wi-Fi in different ways and everything goes completely automatically. There are several different ways to turn the connection on and off, which is one of the most used when turning on and off the screen, which also has a great effect on saving battery. In addition, with automatic Wi-Fi, you will be able to turn your device into a Wi-Fi router and automatically enable or disable the mobile connection point.

Some features and capabilities of the WiFi Automatic – WiFi Hotspot Premium Android app:

  • Supports multiple Wi-Fi on and off modes
  • Wi-Fi automatically shuts off when the battery reaches a certain level
  • Activate Wi-Fi when running special software
  • Wi-Fi planning to turn Wi-Fi on and off on certain days
  • Automatic mobile connection point

Application WiFi Automatic – WiFi Hotspot Premium has managed to be one of the most widely used software in the field of automation WiFi connection Rating 4.1 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of the professional Get it from the big Usroid website .


WiFi Automatic - WiFi Hotspot Premium