WiFi Direct + Pro v8.4.03 – Android Direct File Sharing Application
Offering the Purchased Version for $4.99 to You, Dear Ones

Different users of smart devices use various methods to share files with their friends, depending on their needs. One of the most common ways of transferring files, which was very popular in the past and is still used in various gadgets today, is Bluetooth, which cannot transfer large files and takes several hours. Although this method is very old, most users today use Wi-Fi for data transfer. As you know, in the past, we introduced various programs for transferring data via Wi-Fi, among which Zapya and Shareit were among the most popular, and today we intend to provide you with another app. WiFi Direct + Pro is an excellent software for transferring data between two Android smart devices, developed by Dev Netcomps Android and published on the large Google Play market. As mentioned in the initial description, this software is based on data transfer via Wi-Fi and has a speed up to 40 times faster than Bluetooth, which you will see is astonishingly fast in transferring your large files. The program has various features that we will discuss in the following article.

Some features and capabilities of the WiFi Direct + Pro Android app:

  • Very high speed in transferring data
  • Support for gallery for data transfer
  • No restrictions on transfer formats
  • Marking multiple files for transfer
  • Superb folder transfer mode
  • Support for external memory cards

The WiFi Direct + Pro application has attracted users’ attention with its high speed in transferring data and has received a score of 3.3 out of 5.0 by users with its $4.99 price. You can now download the latest purchased version from the vast database of Usroid website and share your files with your friends as fast as possible.


WiFi Direct + Pro