WiFi Locator v1.9.81 – Automatic WiFi function app for Android devices!
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Sometimes it happens to all of us that without realizing it, the Wi-Fi of our smart device is turned on and this has caused a lot of battery consumption, as we know when the Wi-Fi is turned on, the device automatically turns around for a few moments. It checks to connect to a familiar network and connects to it if it is found, but if no network is found, the Wi-Fi remains on and consumes smartphone resources. WiFi Locator app Helps Android users to automatically disconnect Wi-Fi in case of such a problem and forget to turn off Wi-Fi! In addition, you can program this application in such a way that it turns on at different intervals, even if your Wi-Fi screen is off, and automatically turns off again after receiving messages from social networks and messenger. Be; This minimizes battery consumption when Wi-Fi is turned on and off! WiFi Locator program  runs in the background and has the lowest consumption from various sources, and it is better not to miss this smart application and download it from Usroid .

Some features and capabilities of Android WiFi Locator app:

  • Run the program in the background and use the least amount of resources
  • Increase device battery life
  • Timer (deactivate the program at certain times)
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when the screen is off
  • Display Wi-Fi passwords attached to them (for rooted devices)
  • Share your WiFi via qr code
  • Display complete information of connected WiFi

Application  WiFi Locator able to price at $ 1.99 with a score of a face and points 4.3 to 5.0 to allocate already released the newest version of the Tvtanyd without the cost of high-speed servers Usroid downloaded.

Changes in version v1.9.81:

* No changes for this version are mentioned in Google Play.


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