[WIFI ROUTER PAGE SETUP v8.5.0 [Unlocked – Android Wi-Fi router configuration page view app Unlocked
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As you know, all Wi-Fi routers and high-speed Internet lines have a special configuration that is required to connect to the ISP, and in some cases must be changed to meet the needs of the user. In addition, it sometimes happens that someone inadvertently manipulates the modem settings and you want to be notified of a change in configuration; In such cases, one of the most common ways is to refer to the modem settings and see the changes made, but for some users who do not have enough information and knowledge is not suitable and we need a faster way to view certain options of the Wi-Fi router. WIFI ROUTER PAGE SETUP Full Unlocked as a small software and at the same time useful in viewing the WiFi router configuration page for AndroidDeveloped and published by Magdalm. This wonderful software with a simple system and only after running two groups of Wi-Fi router information to its users. The first category of this information is related to the connection of the smart device and the second option is related to the WiFi router information. In the connection information of your device, you can access options such as real IP address and DNS and view them without any error, and in the second group, you can access the username and password of the router. You do not need to exit the app to refresh the information, just touch the option at the top of the screen to quickly see any changes.




Application WIFI ROUTER PAGE SETUP as one of the easiest software in the field of view of the configuration of the router has been able to more than half a million downloads enabled rated 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now New Get the most unlocked version of it from Usroid without the need for in-network payments.