wifi wps wpa connect v3.2 Wi-Fi network connection program with flawed wps Android
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Since the Wi-Fi chip was installed on mobile phones and mobile phones have been able to connect to Wi-Fi networks, the number of Wi-Fi network users has multiplied and efforts have been made to gain free Wi-Fi or hack other people’s Wi-Fi, and Their use of the Internet became a public effort. Surely you hear a lot of talk about hacking WiFi around you. You may have heard from your friends that there is a way to find out the WiFi password of others and your friends have been able to do so. The fact is that unfortunately, due to the ignorance of some about securing Wi-Fi, it is possible to hack Wi-Fi, and even the Android application for hacking Wi-Fi can be found in abundance all over the Internet, and we also have a few examples of these applications in Usroid. We have introduced. Today we are at your service with another of these types of applications. wifi wps wpa connectTitle is an application for infiltrating Wi-Fi networks with wps vulnerability in Android, which was developed by amx tools software group for Android devices and published for free on Google Play. Wps is a protocol that is available and active in modems and access points by default, and its function is to facilitate the connection to the Wi-Fi network for devices with wps PIN. With this method, we no longer need to know the password to connect to the Wi-Fi network, and knowing the wps PIN number is enough for this. The wifi wps wpa connect program tries to generate different pins and test on the modems that you specify. Due to the many security vulnerabilities in this protocol, the probability of connecting to the desired Wi-Fi network is very high. Note that devices with Android operating system lower than version 5 can not use this application without root access.

Some features and capabilities of wifi wps wpa connect Android app :

  • Ability to view the complete list of all available modems and access points
  • Ability to view all the details of the Wi-Fi network by selecting it
  • Calculate pin numbers by different algorithms
  • Identify modems that do not have the wps protocol enabled
  • Supports most modems on the market such as Dlink, Tplink, Asus and….

The wifi wps wpa connect application is a very useful program for testing the security of all types of Wi-Fi networks. If this program can infiltrate your Wi-Fi network, it is better to think about configuring your network security. This app has received a score of 3.4 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. This application has been released for free on Google Play, but while using the program, a lot of annoying advertisements are displayed to the user, and now you can download the ad-free version from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v3.2:

* Various optimizations and program troubleshooting.


wifi wps wpa connect