WiFox v34.0 – Airport Hall WiFi password display application for Android
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One way to communicate between different countries or cities around the world is to use airplanes. Sometimes it happens to anyone that their flight is delayed before traveling while in the airport lounge; In such a situation, one of the best possible ways to spend time is to connect to the airport Wi-Fi network! There are several different ways to access the password of these public networks, one of the best and fastest of which can be considered Fox! WiFoxThe title is an airport lounge password display application developed by foXnoMad, LLC and published on Google Play. This application software helps you dear ones to connect to the Internet quickly and communicate with your other friends before traveling and when entering the halls. One of the best features of the app is that it is user-centric; Based on that, all passwords are updated with the help of other people connected to the network, and you will never encounter wrong passwords. After adding a password by a user, the information is quickly updated and displayed in existing quality maps. Other features of Wei Fox include Network Synch Credibility, which helps you easily identify secure networks before connecting and share information with your friends without any worries. Also, to copy the passwords, just touch the dedicated option once.

Some features and capabilities of Android WiFox application:

  • Use quality maps to accurately display Wi-Fi connections
  • View specific information of each network on maps
  • Validation test and display of security of each network
  • Constantly updating passwords by users around the world
  • Ability to use offline and view passwords
  • Very high speed in updating information

WiFox application with its various features and capabilities has been published by its developer for $ 1.99 on Google Play, and now you can get the latest purchased version with access to all features and without any restrictions on servers. Get a fast and accurate Usroid website .