Wilderless v1.6.2 – Open-world role-playing game with a beautifully crafted “Wild Nature” theme for Android
The fully purchased version of the game is offered to you for $2.99
Tested for offline play

Wilderless – Wilderness is another well-crafted and highly professional role-playing game from Canadian studio Protopop Games, which is actually an evolved and professional simulation game where players enter a vast world and explore untouched and pristine lands in an open-world game format. Usroid is proud to announce that it has once again and for the first time among all Iranian websites, introduced, reviewed, and published another premium game that has been purchased and tested. Protopop Games studio had previously taken steps towards creating 3D and open-world games by introducing the popular and different Nimian Legends game series, which includes games such as Nimian Legends: Vandgels and Nimian Legends: BrightRidge, and had gained special popularity in this field by presenting those two games that we had previously introduced on Usroid. After a few years, this studio finally embarked on creating another game of this genre and finally released its fourth official game after two years of silence, naming it Wilderless to once again prove that it is an expert in creating open-world and role-playing games.




The game Wilderless is designed in the same language as the two games Nimian Legends, but what is completely noticeable and remarkable is the upgrade in the quality level and design details of this game. The Protopop studio has succeeded in creating and presenting a highly evolved and professional game by using the latest generation Unity game engines. As soon as you start playing Wilderless, you will notice important points about these designs. Unlike almost all other games, this time you have to specify what graphics the game should have at the very beginning of the game. Choosing this option allows for graphics ranging from low to excellent. If you have a powerful device, we definitely recommend that you set the game graphics to the maximum to be amazed by the very high details of the game. Wilderless also has other extensive and complex options in the settings section, including enabling the ability to run the game at a frame rate higher than 30 and experiencing gameplay at a high frame rate of 60. In this game, you play as an exclusive character that can be fully customized according to your tastes. You can start exploring various and pristine lands and enjoy the amazing nature of each land. That is why the game developer has referred to Wilderless as a completely relaxing game, and in fact it is. The game process is completely free, and you can take the game character in any direction you want in 360-degree third-person view. You can move calmly or run, jump high, swim in the water, or even fly! In fact, in this game, you can also experience simulating various creatures and have a unique and unrepeatable experience of wandering in the wild nature and enjoy the high graphic details and free movement to anywhere you want. The interesting and important point of this game is that such high-level graphics and evolved gameplay have been made in a very suitable volume. If you are a fan of Open World games and enjoy third-person graphics games, be sure to try this game. To download the game as a purchased and complete version, you can go to the Usroid download center at the end of this article and get the latest version of this game as a tested and free download. Also, if you want to learn more about the nature of this game, be sure to watch the introduction trailer video before downloading the game.

Note: The game is installed on devices with 64-bit processors [ARM64] and Android 7.0.