Wilderless v1.5 – Open world and very well-made role-playing game “Wildlife” for Android
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Wilderless – Another well-made and very professional game from the Canadian studio Protopop Games in the role-playing style (Role playing), which is actually a professional and evolved simulation game in which players enter a large world. They explore pristine and inaccessible lands in the form of an Open World game. Usroid is proud to announce that for the first time and for the first time among all Iranian sites, it has introduced, reviewed and published another paid and premium game in the form of purchased and tested. Protopop Games Studio has already introduced a series of popular and different Nimian Legends games that include games like Nimian Legends: Vandgels and Nimian Legends: BrightRidgeIt is possible that he had taken a step towards making 3D games and an open world, and he was able to gain special popularity in this field by presenting the two games that we had previously introduced in Usroid, and to one of the top developers. Become this style of game. After a few years, the studio finally started making another game of this genre, and finally released its fourth official game after two years of silence and named it Wilderless to prove once again that it is the world’s game development expert. It is open and role-playing.




Game WilderlessNimian Legends is designed with the same design language, but what is quite noticeable and remarkable is the upgrade of the quality level and the details of the design of this game. Protopop Studio has succeeded in creating and presenting a highly developed and professional game by using the new generation game development engines Unity. As soon as you start Wilderless, you will notice the important points of these designs. Unlike almost all other games, this time you have to specify the graphics at the very beginning of the game. It is possible to choose this option from low graphics to excellent graphics. If you have a powerful device, we definitely recommend that you maximize the game’s graphics to be amazed by the excellent detail of the game. Wilderless also has other extensive and complex options in the settings section, including activating the ability to run the game at a rate of more than 30 frames and gaming experience at a rate above 60 frames. In this game, you are in the role of an exclusive character who can be completely personalized according to your tastes. You can start exploring different and pristine lands and enjoy the amazing nature of each land to the fullest. That’s why the game’s creator described Wilderless as a completely relaxing game, and indeed it is. The game process is completely free and you can take the game character to any direction you want from the third person view in 360 degrees. You can move or run slowly, do long jumps, swim in the water or even fly! In fact, in this game, you can also experience the simulation of different creatures, and in general, have a unique and unrepeatable experience of exploring the wild nature, and from the high graphic details and move freely wherever you can. You will enjoy a lot. The interesting and important point of this game is that such high level graphics and evolved gameplay have been prepared in a very suitable volume. If you are a fan of Open World games and you enjoy third-person graphics games, be sure to try this game. To download the game as purchased and complete, you can go to the download centerUsroid Go to the end of this article and get the latest version of this game in a tested and free form. Also, if you want to know more about the nature of this game, be sure to watch the introductory video trailer before downloading the game.