Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure is a new, popular and entertaining game in the style of puzzle games and matching game from Zynga game development studio for Android, which has been downloaded thousands of times by Android users from Google Play and for the first time in Iran.Your presence has been introduced! In this game, you will be accompanied by the lovely character “Willy Wonka” and you will be ready to create and build your biggest chocolate factory! Like other adaptive games, put three or more of the same items together to get closer and closer to your goal and try to have the biggest and best chocolate company! From the very beginning of the first stage, Willy Wonka will not leave you alone and will be with you; So don’t leave him alone and join him and help him reach his goal! As you progress through each stage, part of this large factory will be built and you will be entertained for days on end! If you are a fan of puzzle games and adapters, no doubt Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure will catch your eye!


Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure


Game Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure is now on Google Play based on thousands of votes could score from 5.0 to 4.6 higher gain and we Usroid newest and latest version of the mobile mode of supply have to download! You will be able to see pictures of Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure gameplay and game environment first, and finally, if you want, you can download it with one click from Usroid’s high-speed servers! Like other games on the site, both the original version and the game mode have been tested by us and run smoothly.