WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge v0.0.84 + Mod – “Storm Wings 2” arcade and action game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (lots of money and diamonds) separately
Tested offline

WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge – بال های طوفانی 2: انتقام کهکشا is the second title in the WindWings series of action and arcade games from the Vietnamese studio GCenter. Like the first part, it is offered for free but with in-app purchases. This game belongs to the genre of games called Galaxy Shooter, of which hundreds of different versions have been released in mobile game markets these days. However, unlike almost all of these games, the WindWings series is scenario-based and adventurous. Even these games have comic book cutscenes that have made this franchise superior to many other similar games. After the first version was released and received good feedback, GCenter decided to develop the second part, and finally after several years, the second part of this game was also released. Usroid proudly announces that this time, for the first time among all Iranian sites, it has prepared this game and presented its latest version along with an exclusive mod version for you dear ones. So, if you are a fan of this genre of games and exciting space battles, do not miss WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge and stay with Usroid.


WindWings 2


WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge follows the story of the first part. Although this story is cliché and not a unique adventure, it is still an epic and exciting story that has made the game more interesting and exciting. The story is related to the battle between two space armies. The first army, called Galaxy Defenders, resisted the waves of enemy attacks, which are aliens from another galaxy, and for a while, they succeeded in pushing back the enemy forces. Now, after some time, the enemy has returned to the battlefield with a new army and more dangerous forces, and this time it intends to destroy the Milky Way galaxy forever. You are playing the role of a hero character from the Galaxy Defenders army who has been sent to space to fight against the enemy forces. You must board a warship and destroy them before they reach the command centers and human territories. In WindWings 2: Galaxy Revenge, you can choose from various destructive weapons and upgrade your own warship. The game battles are exciting and challenging, and to resist enemy attacks, you must have quick reactions to dodge their bullets and also have good skills to use your own weapons. You can now download the latest version of this game for free in both regular and modded versions from the Usroid download section.