– Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast v27.1.3  – Android application for
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Climatic conditions in most parts of the world are unstable and the same trend can not be imagined for it. Humans have historically been affected by climate change. Because they could not find a specific pattern for it and take the necessary measures to prevent accidents accordingly. Over the last century, especially with the launch of meteorological satellites into space, weather forecasting has become much easier, and meteorological agencies can predict the course of climate change with great accuracy. Their work is provided to users through radio, television, websites and applications. So far, we have introduced many meteorological applications in Usroid, but today we are at your service with an application that is unique in terms of efficiency and quality of information. – Weather Radar, Satellite and ForecastTitle is an application for receiving accurate weather forecasts, specific to the Android operating system, developed by Windyty SE and published for free on Google Play. The windy website is a very complete and accurate site for forecasting the weather around the world. The application uses Wendy’s site data, so we see the same power and accuracy in this application. This program provides common meteorological data such as temperature, wind sports, the possibility of rain and snow, and… like all other meteorological applications, but what distinguishes this program from similar programs, its complete and accurate maps Is. There are a variety of meteorological and accurate radar maps in this program with which you can easily have complete monitoring of the weather in all parts of the world.

Some features and capabilities of app – Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast Android :

  • Support for all modern weather forecast models: ECMWF and GFS by NOAA
  • Several local climate models NEMS, ICON, Arome and NAM
  • Provide high resolution satellite images
  • Ability to compare forecast models
  • More than 40 global weather maps
  • Provide weather radars for many parts of the globe
  • Supports metric and imperial units
  • Provide accurate forecasts with full details (temperature, rainfall, wind speed and…)
  • Provide additional information such as air pressure, sunrise and sunset and….
  • Ability to create a list of favorite places
  • Provide weather information from the nearest meteorological station to the area
  • Provide topographic maps and meteorological radars

Application – Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast is one of the best applications forecasting and air, so that more than 10 million downloads from Google Play has rated excellent 4.7 from 5.0 from users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.