Wink – Smart Home v6.9.808.23345 – Smart home application for Android,
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A look around us reveals the ever-increasing advancement of technology in such a way that all versatile devices have evolved and are much easier to use than in the past. The production of smart gadgets and robots is increasing every day and many people are buying them. In a way, it can be said that comfort and convenience is the main desire of users when using devices. The first traces of technology can be seen in homes at any time! Sanitary ware, computers, various lamps and و are among the devices that we are witnessing their daily progress. Wink – Smart HomeIs the title of a smart home application developed by Wink App and published on Google Play. This software is undoubtedly a good solution to use new gadgets and smart robots for a better life. By connecting this startup to the latest technologies used in your home, you can monitor and control everything remotely. Hundreds of different devices and gadgets are supported by this software in which any kind of settings can be changed. Turn on the lamps by touching an option, check the passage of the doors and be notified immediately if the room temperature rises and there is any fire. Unlike other similar applications in the Android Market that send notifications with a delay, in this program, all notifications are sent to the user instantly.

Some features and capabilities of Wink – Smart Home Android application:

  • A simple solution for having a smart home
  • Connect to all smart systems used in the home with one touch
  • View and manage anything at home
  • Protect your home by opening or locking doors with a remote touch
  • Build special options for fully automatic functions
  • Support for various gadgets and devices in different brands
  • Send notifications to the user quickly
  • Simple and easy user interface

Application Wink – Smart Home to benefit from the capabilities of its various by their developer completely free on Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version without advertising his great website Usroid receive and experience Get a new one in your home management. This app is introduced at your request.


Wink - Smart Home