Witch’s Pot v3.16.18 + Mod – Android wizard adventure puzzle game
Normal version + mod version (Unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Witch’s Pot is the title of a puzzle and brain teaser game released by DeusCraft Game Studio as a freemium game for Android devices. The puzzle and intellectual genre are one of the genres that is very popular among gamers and you can not find a gamer who says he does not enjoy a good puzzle and intellectual game. But in the meantime, one of the styles that are deeply rooted in the culture of mobile games is the Jurchin style. Searching through colorful abstract items is an overkill for many people who do not even consider themselves “gamers”. It is interesting to know that these casual and so-called leisure games that are only seen on mobile platforms these days, before they enter mobile platforms in this style, are actually present on other platforms and gaming consoles. Have had. This style of games has an amazing variety of things, and so far many good games have been made with this style in a variety of themes. Some of them have role-playing and strategic elements in their hearts, and some of them have chosen the focus of the story for themselves. Witch’s Pot is one of those games that will bring you a unique jigsaw puzzle experience using a fun and engaging storyline. The game stays true to the classic Jurchin formula for its gameplay and takes you into an imaginary world in its own storyline. Where a giant dragon has entered the village and cast a shadow of terror on the people of the village who lived together for many years in complete peace and tranquility. Now the people are hoping for the village wizard to find a solution and use his magical powers to drive the giant dragon out of the village and restore peace and tranquility to them. To do this, you must be able to solve the puzzles of the game, step by step in the game to reach your goals and drive the giant dragon out of the village.


Witch's Pot


The gameplay mechanics of Witch’s Pot are very simple, and to solve the puzzles, all you have to do is put 3 identical items or more of them together to be removed, and do so until the main mission of that stage is completed. . Step missions are generally simple and easy to complete. Some missions will be more challenging than others, but they are definitely not something you can handle. The more items you can remove and the faster you complete your missions, the more points and rewards you can earn. In addition, during the game you can access power-ups, bonuses and special items and accelerate your progress in the game. The controls are very simple and all the gameplay mechanisms are easy and touch and single finger. In terms of appearance, as can be seen from the trailer and screenshots of the game, the graphic space of the game is fantastic in a word and has a unique beauty. The animations and effects are unique and the game world is designed to be as complete as possible with a lot of details and the use of happy color combinations and will delight every gamer. In addition to the great look of the game, the sounds are admirably worked and create a pleasant atmosphere for the game. Witch’s Pot is still in Early Access mode, but nevertheless, Usroid team intends to provide this popular game in two versions, original and mod, and without any restrictions for you dear ones. Now you can download this game, which has already been tested by our team, through the direct links at the end of the article, completely free of charge, and enjoy playing it!


Note: If you have installed the mode, enter once and then exit and finally re-enter to make your money Unlimited.e.


Version v3.16.18 changes:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting