WolframAlpha – WolframAlpha is one of the most famous, popular and well-known knowledge computing services and an excellent and complete database that you can easily and in a few seconds to complete information on any topic you want to Get it! For example, you can use this service to solve the most difficult mathematical equations, view the answers to questions such as the population of each country through various charts, or obtain complete and comprehensive information about a particular word, such as IRAN! This wonderful and powerful service launches its official application called WolframAlpha for Android smart operating system.It has offered that users who own these types of smartphones can access this service as easily as possible through their device. Wolfram Alpha gives you everything you want! From solving matrix problems, geometry, trigonometry, functions, etc. to complete information about physics, elements, stars, nebulae, geology, animals and plants , transformation, date and time, climate, geographical locations, people And history, books, music notes, words and linguistics, sports and games, money and finance, medicine and health, nutrition and…!

Some features and capabilities of WolframAlpha Android application and service:

  • Provide complete information of the desired word in a few seconds!
  • No hassle , just enter your desired text in a box!
  • View the most complete and comprehensive information about a particular word through text and charts!
  • Without any membership in the site and easy and fast use of features!

The WolframAlpha app is currently on sale in the Android Market for $ 2.99 and has been well received, with a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 and hundreds of thousands of purchases showing the popularity of this service among users. Today in Usroid , we have provided you with the latest version of the above application, which you can receive for one click and for free.