WomanLog Pro Calendar v6.1.3 – Menstruation and Fertility Calendar app for Android Purchased and complete version for
$ 4.39

The menstrual cycle is actually a physiological change that occurs in fertile women for sexual reproduction and an egg matures every month. Menstruation typically lasts 7 days, and women experience a variety of symptoms, the most common of which are cervical bleeding, side and abdominal pain, and more. The severity of these pains and the time and severity of the bleeding indicate many internal changes in the body, and any disorder in them should be examined immediately by a physician. On the other hand, having a regular menstrual cycle is very important and should be monitored by women. Therefore, having a great app in this field is one of the most important needs of women. WomanLog Pro CalendarIs the title of a women’s menstrual and fertility calendar app developed by Pro Active App SIA and published on Google Play. Everything that ladies need is seen in this startup. With the available smart calendar, you will be able to monitor your regular and irregular menstrual periods and be notified of the start of the next period immediately. Analyzing the signs and symptoms you record helps you access specific information. There are two standard and advanced modes in this program to help them according to your personal needs and monitor your menstrual problems. The software development team provides its users with more than 100 different symbols for quick and easy registration, and by using these symbols, you will be able to store a collection of different information in a short time.

Some features and capabilities of WomanLog Pro Calendar Android app:

  • Smart regular and irregular menstrual cycle tracker
  • Predicting menstruation, fertility and ovulation
  • Two standard and advanced modes for accessing various information
  • More than 100 different signs and symbols to record information in a short time
  • Various daily reminders such as menstruation, ovulation, taking birth control pills and…
  • Share information with your doctor and view it on your other Android device
  • Google Fit app support

WomanLog Pro Calendar application with various capabilities in the field of accurate examination of the menstrual cycle of women has been able to get a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 4.39, which you can now download the latest version of it without any Get any kind of restriction on access to facilities from Usroid’s big and most visited website.


WomanLog Pro Calendar