Woody Land: Tree live wallpaper Parallax 3D Pro v1.4.4 Live wallpaper with the theme of beautiful trees for Android Purchased and complete version for $ 4.99 on Google Play

You probably know that Android is relatively new and newer than other mobile operating systems such as iOS or Windows Phone, but as you can see, Android is the most used and popular mobile operating system in the world, which is the realm of It is not limited to mobile phones and is expanding day by day and wearable devices such as glasses, watches, ‌ and…. Up to personal computers are included. One of the reasons for this huge success and the huge popularity of Android گذاشت is to leave the user free and offer a variety of choices to him. In Android, anything can be changed according to your taste. This can be seen by looking at the phones of different Android users. Unlike other operating systems, every Android user has a separate user interface. To help implement these personalizations, a variety of applications have been created, including launchers, ‌ icon packs,. Live wallpapers, and.. Live wallpapers are a very beautiful and interesting innovation for a more pleasant user experience of the device and are made in different types and views. Today, we are at your service with a very beautiful live wallpaper.Woody Land: Tree live wallpaper Parallax 3D Pro is the title of a very beautiful live wallpaper with a forest theme with various effects for the Android operating system, developed by United Art Inc. software group. Live Wallpapers was developed and released for $ 4.99 on Google Play. By installing this application, you will have a cozy, beautiful and relaxing forest under your fingers, which you will enjoy every time you look at it.

Some features and capabilities of Woody Land: Tree live wallpaper Parallax 3D Pro Android :

  • It has three-dimensional magic effects that are activated by moving the device to different angles and allow you to look inside the forest.
  • Ability to select a variety of colors for the live wallpaper with just a quick double tap on the home screen
  • It has a variety of options and settings to fully customize the wallpaper to your liking
  • Ability to work with different gestures and does not interfere with Android gestures
  • Low volume compared to similar applications

Application Woody Land: Tree live wallpaper Parallax 3D Pro is a Live Wallpaper is very beautiful, relaxing and unique with the theme of trees and forests is a dream that every user touches the switch and sense of being in a real forest evokes. Woody Land, with the consent of Android users is managed by Mathias excellent 4.5 out of 5.0 out of Google users receive. You dear ones can now download the professional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v1.4.4 :

* Support for all new Android devices
* Improved app performance


Woody Land Tree live wallpaper Parallax 3D Pro