Word Breaker Full v7.0.2 – Puzzle game and dictionary breaker for Android + trailer
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Word Breaker FullA fun, simple, but challenging Words-style game developed by Firecracker Software LLC USA and available for $ 1.99 on Google Play. The Word Breaker game series has been in development since 2011 and this game is also the official version for mobile operating systems. This game is not only a fun puzzle game but also a useful game for the mind and also a suitable educational tool for learning English words. According to the creators of this game, it can even be used to teach English in language classes. This game, unlike most similar games that have small tables, has larger and more challenging tables. These cross tables contain hidden words that can be solved by placing letters horizontally or vertically. In this game, in addition to numerous puzzles and crossword puzzles, there are also various anagrams that have increased the appeal of the game. The very small and insignificant volume of this game is another of its excellent capabilities and features. By downloading this small game, you can discover hundreds of puzzles and thousands of words and phrases in different puzzles and enjoy this beautiful game!

Some features of Word Breaker Full Android puzzle game:

  • Simple design and flat game without the use of complex elements
  • There are hundreds of puzzles of all kinds of word puzzles
  • It has two parts: simple (classic) and advanced type (Board Solver)
  • Has a local dictionary for a complete description of words
  • Very small size along with simple and convenient designs
  • Has a comprehensive guidance system
  • There is a section called Remaining Tiles for guessing words
  • Ability to customize different sections
  • Ability to share table pages in the Board Solver section

Word Breaker Full is one of those interesting and adversarial games that will challenge your mind by playing with words. The game can be played in two types, classic and more advanced. In the classic type, you have to discover the synonyms of the words given to you and enter them in the desired field. On the other hand, in the advanced type, you will encounter large puzzles and cross tables. Where you have to find the missing words vertically or horizontally, just like common word tables, so that your table is completed and the puzzle of that step is solved! This beautiful game has been purchased and downloaded more than 10 thousand times on Google Play. Word Breaker Full also received a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 out of more than 700 votes from users. Word Breaker comes in a free and limited edition and a paid version with no restrictions and no ads. فارسروید It is proud to announce that it has provided the full and final paid version of this game, which is priced at $ 2.99, for download.

Changes in version v7.0.2:

* Minor bug fixes + new features


Word Breaker Full