Editor Office Word, Document Viewer and Editor PRO v1.0.5 View and edit Microsoft Office files with tools PDF
version of money and bought a $ 2.99 app on Google Play

Mobile phones were initially used only for making calls and later for sending text messages. But when powerful processors were installed on them and equipped with very advanced operating systems such as Android and iOS, they could no longer be viewed as a mobile phone, these devices now have all the capabilities of a personal computer. Had. Over time, these devices became more sophisticated and intelligent, and they became more involved with PCs every day. One of them was working with office files. Microsoft Office software is one of the most important software in history and one of the most widely used. This software is used to create text documents, spreadsheet documents and advanced slides and has almost no serious competitors in doing any of these tasks. Until a few years ago, only computers could do such things, but today, thanks to the existence of a variety of office applications for Android, you can easily create, edit and read office files on these devices. Today we are at your service with one of these applications.Word Office Editor, Document Viewer and Editor PRO as a full Office apps with the ability to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint with advanced capabilities for working with PDF files for the Android operating system is the software group Heathy Tracker was developed and released for $ 2.99 on Google Play. With this program, you can access all the features of a full office on your Android device.

Some of the features and functionality of the program Word Office Editor, Document Viewer and Editor PRO Android : 

  • Ability to view and edit Word docx, ‌ Excel, ‌ PowerPoint and txt files
  • Has full Word Editor options
  • Easy copy of text in Word file
  • Easy sharing of created files
  • Ability to add text to PowerPoint files of any size and style
  • With automatic storage, you no longer have to worry about saving your files
  • Quickly open PDF files and easily and quickly navigate between its pages
  • Ability to convert PDF files
  • Change the style of cells in Excel files
  • Supports all spreadsheet files in xls format
  • View full page PowerPoint files
  • Ability to add photos to PowerPoint files and easily adjust the position of the photo on the slide
  • Ability to search for text in pdf files
  • Very nice user interface and similar to Microsoft Office user interface

App Word Office Editor, Document Viewer and Editor PRO is a comprehensive program that can be very functional and has all the features you need in a relationship with Office files on mobile devices, available to you. This Android app has received a score of 3.0 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can get the paid and purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v1.0.5 :

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


Word Office Editor, Document Viewer and Editor PRO