World atlas & map MxGeo Pro v9.2.4 – Android World Atlas App!
Purchased version of the app worth $2.00

World atlas & map MxGeo Pro is a comprehensive world atlas program, accompanied by maps and specialized geographical educational programs for Android, published by HPB Labs programming studio. Perhaps World Atlas can be considered one of the most comprehensive geography programs of its kind, which is unique and has a wide range of information. This unique software maintains information from 240 different countries along with political and geographical maps in its database and provides a new experience for its users. Simply search for the name of the country or continent of interest to have full access to a collection of geographic, political, cultural, and economic information. One of the top advantages of this atlas compared to similar software is its support for offline access to information so that users do not need the internet and can access information anytime, anywhere. In addition, various competitions have been included in the program to increase and maintain information in the memory of the audience, which act as an information consolidator.

Some features and capabilities of the World atlas & map MxGeo Pro Android app:

  • Access to comprehensive information on more than 240 different countries
  • Political and regional maps of each country
  • Challenging competitions for learning information
  • Comparison of countries and continents with each other
  • Display of the world time in each region
  • Access to all information without internet
  • Interesting facts about each country and continent
  • A collection of colorful and unique themes
  • Geographical lessons for excellence in geography
  • No advertising in the application environment
  • No need for special access to protect information security

The World Atlas & Map MxGeo Pro with support for a huge and extensive database and a collection of geographical information has been able to achieve a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 with a price of $2.00. You can now get the latest purchased version of this atlas for free from the Usroid website.


World atlas & map MxGeo Pro