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World Chef – Chef globally popular games and fun in the style of games culinary studio Social Point for phones and tablets Android is free on Google Play has been released and to date more than 50 million times by Android users Received from all over the world and at your request, dear ones, we have introduced it to you, the lovers of cooking games! World Chef gameIs that water comes out of your mouth so that you may have to fasten aprons like children! This game is “World Chef”; A game in which the chef’s kitchen is never closed and the waiters are always smiling! In this game, you can have your own restaurant, decorate it to your liking and serve all kinds of food in it! From the beginning, your restaurant is small and will not have many customers, and it will gradually increase with the serving of quality food to its customers! Stairs go up one by one; You will gradually enlarge your restaurant, entertain celebrities in your restaurant and even own a beach club! Remember that your restaurant is not going to offer fast food, so take your time and prepare the food calmly and at the right time! Your customers know that eating delicious food in your restaurant is worth the wait!


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World Chef game currently has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store , and today in Usroid , we have introduced the latest version of it along with the mode of your presence, dear ones, and you can first see pictures and trailers of it, and if you wish, you can watch it. Download from the site’s high-speed servers with one click! General features of the game include the ability to build, customize and manage your own restaurant; Ability to buy fresh ingredients to make your own delicious food; Ability to attract customers from all over the world and serve your best food to them; Allowing other chefs to prepare the best recipes for your food; Great design with its fun gameplay noted! Join us to download…