World Conqueror 4 v1.5.6 Full – popular and entertaining strategy game for Android conquers the world 4
$ 0.99 – Version without error and 100% safe and exclusive license for the first time
mass appeal of your loved ones
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World Conqueror 4 is the fourth version of the popular strategy game Fateh Jahan from EasyTech game studio for Android, which is available for $0.99 on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 50,000 times by Android users. It has been purchased all over the world and as always, we have decided to introduce the latest cracked and completely healthy version of it to you for the first time in Iran and bring it to your delight once again! More than 100 great fights based on the history of the world are included in World Conqueror 4, where you can choose one of the different countries and fight with other countries and experience one of the most special strategy games. Take command of your army and work to achieve the goals of the day! WWⅡ 1939, WWⅡ 1943, Cold War 1950 and Modern War 1980 await you at World Conqueror 4, select your favorite country, set diplomatic tactics, help allies, and declare war on other countries!


World Conqueror 4


Game World Conqueror 4 now in the Play Store have a good rating: 4.0 of 5.0 that we Usroid the latest version of its download offerings and we are able images of gameplay see it and in the end if you want it Get high-speed servers with one click.

Attention :

** World Conqueror 4 game was released a few days ago by various sites and blogs, all of which have a license error and do not run. And you can download it with one click and enjoy the game without any problems.
** Mod feature: free purchase!
** The language of the game is Chinese, from the game settings you can easily make the language of the game English.