World of Goo to Farsi (universal matter sticky) is one of the most popular games and puzzles Android long version of Android it in the Play Store in the public domain, and although the pay is very good reception Since then, it has been purchased by users more than 1 million times from the market! In this game, you have to solve the existing puzzles at each stage by connecting particles and sticky molecules called Goo, and achieve the goals of the game . Millions of stick balls are very curious to discover new things, but they do not know they are in the open; A game that has been selected as one of the best games of the year!

World of Goo, like many popular games today, is based on the science of physics, in which it is your job to get several balls in each stage that may have different states; On the other hand, the more balls you have, the more points you will earn! The game has a beautiful atmosphere and pleasant music and has won many awards many times for these features. Not to mention that different versions of this game have been released for a variety of Windows, iPhone and سیستم operating systems, with which you can compete with other users online!

Some features of the World of Goo Android game:

* Contains a large number of strange and dangerous levels

* Availability of a variety of GOO balls with unique abilities

* Play in a variety of exciting and diverse places and environments

* Engaging in the construction of various structures, including bridges, airships, etc.

* Ability to play online and compete to build the tallest tower of adhesive

* Having very good and excellent graphics compared to its very small volume with exciting sound

The fun and entertaining game World of Goo is currently on sale on Google Play for $ 4.99 and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 , which is recommended to all users who are looking for a different game with a new gameplay. Let’s! To view pictures of the game environment and watch a trailer of it, stay tuned to Usroid


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