World War 2: Eastern Front 1942 v3.0.3 + Mod – fascinating strategy game “World War II: Eastern Front” for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
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World War 2: Eastern Front 1942 is the name of a very beautiful and well-made strategy game from the category of strategic titles that are free but with in-app payments by Hong Kong studio JOYNOWSTUDIO for mobile And Android tablets are available. The studio has already found a good position among audiences and Android players around the world by making attractive and popular games such as Happy Cooking: Chef Fever, WW2: Strategy Commander Conquer Frontline, Elite SWAT – counter terrorist game or Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands. Now, by presenting a very well-made and professional game of another strategy style, it has decided to increase this popularity. Before introducing more of the game, we must first say that the game World War 2: Eastern Front 1942 will be introduced for the first time in Iran by Usroid and will be published at your service, dear ones. Apart from the original version of Google Play, Usroid has also prepared a modded version of this game so that fans of mod versions will not be deprived of the experience of this game. The story of World War 2: Eastern Front 1942 is related to the real and historical currents of World War II. The story begins in 1941. Where the forces of Nazi Germany invade the western borders of the Soviet Union and mark one of the greatest events of World War II!


World War 2: Eastern Front 1942


In World War 2: Eastern Front 1942, you can attack Soviet bases in the role of German forces or defend Russian lands in the role of Red Army forces (Soviet Army forces). This game is an interesting simulator of historical events. In this game, the famous generals of World War II are present in this great battle, including Rommel, Goodrian, Manstein, Zhukov, Konev, Rokosovsky, Vatukin, and you can use them in your army forces. World War 2: Eastern Front 1942 has somehow reconstructed the historical scenarios of World War II and the important operations that took place during the war between Germany and the Soviet Union. Some of the most important scenarios that are available to players in the main stages of the game are Minsk Campaign, Kiev Siege, Leningrad Defense War, Moscow Defense War, Mars Plan and Kurs War, each of which is designed in a separate section. The game is not unlike many strategic style titles that are usually related to the upgrade and development of military bases, in which you have to play with your army forces, including infantry, tanks, personnel carriers, fighter jets, and . Go to the enemy bases and face them. This game with attractive designs and very good graphics and at the same time very suitable volume, is a very attractive and excellent option for lovers of strategy and action games. Usroid proudly announces that it is the first Iranian website to publish this game on the web and has prepared the latest version along with a modded version. This game has more than 100 thousand downloads and has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0.