WorldCard Mobile v5.4.8 Smartly manage business relationship information
Purchased version of the app for $ 6.99 on Google Play

One of the most important things in business and the workplace is extensive communication. Connecting with different people in your field can lead you to great opportunities that may exist. In order to have and continue communication, it is necessary to have information about each person, such as phone number, office address, and without it, communication will not continue. Usually, in order to save time, different people prepare a business card for themselves and write such information on it. One of these cards can be easily handed over to the other person whenever information is needed. If your job is to meet a lot of new people during the day, at the end of the day your pocket will be full of different business cards that can be difficult to manage.WorldCard Mobile is an application for automatically entering business card information on an Android smartphone, developed by Penpower Inc. software group and published on Google Play for $ 6.99. With this program, you can easily scan business cards with the phone’s camera. It automatically detects all the text on the business card and inserts it into your contacts using ocr technology. All this information is available in the cloud with a Google account and you can access this information with your computer and other devices. This app can take photos, email, phone, name, ‌ address and…. Store separately to make them easier to access.

Some features and capabilities of the WorldCard Mobile Android application :

  • Sort information by name, position, company, phone number, fax number, address or other fields
  • View people’s contact information on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for easier communication on social media
  • Sync and sync information in cloud storage using a Google Account
  • Easy routing to each contact’s location
  • QR code detection for more information
  • Reminders for various events such as birthdays and….
  • Access information on all devices connected to the account
  • Ability to back up application information

The WorldCard Mobile app is a great and very useful application for managing contacts and business relationships automatically and intelligently, and while maintaining all the information, it also expands your social relationships. WorldCard Mobile received a score of 3.6 out of 5.0 from Android users. Now you can get the paid and purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v5.4.8 :

* Fixed the problem of syncing with a Google account


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