Xender: File Transfer, Sharing v8.1.3 – Fast Data Sharing Program!
The original version of the app with more than 100,000,000 downloads from Google Play

Xender: File Transfer, Sharing is another of the best and most useful high-speed data sharing applications via wireless for Android devices, which Xender Team has released 100% for free in the Play Store, and today it intends to introduce the latest and latest We have the version. As you know, one of the oldest and most common methods of information sharing is; The use of Bluetooth is not an easy method at all, despite the fact that it is easy for files of several hundred MB, and no one has the patience to wait for several hours to receive or send; Various software such as Zapya and ShareIt. They allow you to exchange WiFi up to several gigs at incredible speeds by connecting to the internet and Wi-Fi at no cost, and you’ve no doubt worked with these programs. One of the newest and most popular information sharing programs that you may not be familiar with is Xender: File Transfer, Sharing , which allows you to share all the information on your phone with your friends who have Android devices or Ios and Or share a computer!

Some features and capabilities of Xender: File Transfer, Sharing Android application:

  • Exchange of information between two phones at no cost, without internet and without the need for USB
  • Ability to send all information including files, photos, music, videos and more
  • The speed of information exchange is incredible; Send several megabytes per second!
  • Support for group sharing: Send information to 4 people at the same time!
  • Ability to share information between iOS and Android devices
  • Ability to connect to computer friends for fast data exchange
  • Support for the world’s living languages ​​including English, Russian and و

Application Xender: File Transfer, Sharing with over 50 million downloads from the Play Store has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 that we Usroid the latest version supplied it for the first time, your presence Users of Android devices are introduced that can Get it with one click.