Xlythe Calculator is a popular application application from Xlythe programming studio for Android tablets and smartphones, which is available for free on Google Play. Undoubtedly, many applications in the field of calculations and calculators for the Android operating systemIt has been produced that almost all of them are able to do normal calculations for you. In this post from Usroid, we want to introduce you to an efficient engineering calculator called Xlythe Calculator, which allows you to perform various mathematical calculations such as matrices, linear functions, and با at high speed. The above calculator tries to draw a chart related to each topic for you as soon as possible, and you can hide the default phone calculator with one click and replace it with this calculator. If you are looking for a engineering calculator for your Android device, do not hesitate and download this application . This calculator will definitely be useful for students of mathematics, physics and civil engineering students, and the score of 4.3 of this program in the Android Market indicates its popularity with users.

Among the main features of Xlythe Calculator:

  • Professional drawing of charts
  • Ability to hide unnecessary pages
  • Power calculation support
  • Supports solving line equations
  • Solve functions completely
  • Tablet support

Xlythe Calculator application is provided for free and completely open source, and all its features are available in a single environment without time limit, and there is no need to hack and open its features, because all features are available for free. And Usroid provides you with the latest version. To download it with one click and direct link, read more…


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