XServiceX is a Persian software for receiving instant news from reputable and updated Iranian sites that allows the user to access huge sources of news online and easily use older content, and on the other hand, the first service It is a news agency that allows the user to browse the latest news of Iran and the world in a simple place. When you enter the software, you will encounter the main menu, wait for the software to receive the latest news , after the update, you can check the latest news. The first button is to view the latest news, when you enter this page, you can see the headline and a short description of the news, and if you want to view the full news, click on any news or tap.

To access the before and after pages (older news), there are two buttons at the bottom of the page with the names of newer news and older news. To access older content, tap the previous page and wait until Show the news. Because the news is provided instantly, there is another button called Update at the top of the page so you can view the latest news.

Some features of XServiceX Android News Agency software:

* Access to the latest news recorded by various news agencies

* Easy access to older news

* View news headlines and a brief description

* View news thematically for economic example

* Access the news of a particular news agency for example Tabnak

* Simple user interface and free software

The features of  XServiceX do not end there; To access the news of a particular news agency, for example, you can view the latest news on the Tabnak site and access its older news. For this purpose, there is another button called news agencies. After tapping this button, wait for the active newsletters to be displayed for you, and after displaying them, you can access the latest news by tapping any newsletter.

Join us to download the first version of this application from Usroid


Download XServiceX 1.0 - Persian application for Iran and world news Android