Yandex.Keyboard v46.4 + Mod – Fast and Attractive Android Keyboard Application by Yandex
Original Version + Mod Version (with mentioned features)

All users use virtual keyboards to communicate with their friends and send messages; these keyboards, like any other app, have various features that can make chatting and messaging much more exciting. So far, various keyboards have been introduced by various developers, and the Usroid website has also tried to provide you with the best of them. Now it’s time to introduce a special keyboard called Yandex.Keyboard. Yandex.Keyboard – Yandex Keyboard is a fast and attractive Android keyboard developed by Yandex and published on Google Play. If we want to summarize this keyboard in just a few words, we can call it a Russian-English keyboard that provides special features to its users. Two different layouts for letters are available to everyone, and users can make the most of them. You can use hundreds of available emojis to better convey your emotions to your friends. Perhaps the most attractive feature in this collection is the categorization of GIFs, which allows you to search and send your favorite GIFs in each category to others. Additionally, the built-in translator helps you convert your Russian texts to English or vice versa.

Some features and capabilities of the Yandex.Keyboard Android app:

  • Type your texts in the fastest possible time without any limitations
  • Support for 6 different languages
  • Two different modes of letter arrangement
  • Access to hundreds of different emojis for stronger communication
  • Categorization of GIFs with the ability to search in each category
  • Internal translator for translating Russian sentences to English and vice versa
  • An extraordinary system for correcting spelling errors

The Yandex.Keyboard app has received thousands of downloads with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 thanks to its various features and capabilities, which you can now download the latest original and mod version without any limitations from the direct links on Usroid. This keyboard has been introduced at the request of many of you dear users.