Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary v45.8 + Mod – Yandex Android Offline Translator App
Original Version + Mod Version (mentioned features) separately

Nowadays, translators can be considered as one of the most popular start-up apps available on smart devices, allowing users to easily communicate with anyone and understand the meanings of many texts without any prior knowledge. One of the most essential features that users should consider before installing translators is the quality and accuracy of the translation, which can be seen well in the start-up apps introduced by Usroid! Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary is the title of an offline and feature-rich translator app developed by Yandex and published on Google Play. This software helps you translate the desired texts in just a few seconds and share them with others by providing a simple environment and access to various options. As the post title suggests, all you need for an offline translation is to download the necessary language files from the program’s servers. Another great feature is the image translation mode, which allows you to upload images and receive an extraordinary translation without the need for text extraction. Finally, it should be noted that this application supports the sweet Persian language.

Some features and capabilities of the Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary Android app:

  • Ability to translate over 90 different languages to each other
  • Download the specific file for each language for offline translation
  • View word meanings through examples in the dictionary
  • Upload images to the program’s servers and instantly translate them
  • Automatic language detection mode
  • Direct website translation without any limitations
  • Access to a collection of educational flashcards
  • Support for Android smartwatches
  • Support for the sweet Persian language

Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary application has been able to receive over 10 million downloads and a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users by utilizing its various features and capabilities. You can now download the latest version and mod version without any limitations from the vast database of Usroid website.


Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary