Yoga Studio v2.8.7 Full – Application application for yoga practice for Android
Price $ 1.99 and score 5.0 out of 5.0 in Google Market

Yoga Studio – Yoga Studio is the most complete, best and most popular yoga exercise app from Gaiam Studio for Android devices, priced at $ 1.99 hours ago. It was released in the big Google market, and again, as always, we decided to introduce this application for the first time in Iran in the presence of you, the fans of this public sport! As mentioned earlier, you know; Yoga is a physical and mental sport that was first created by Hindus in the Indian subcontinent and deals with the soul and body! With this exercise, you can impose the best position on the muscles of your body; A great sport with incredible benefits! Now that you have Yoga Studio, you can learn this sport with 65 videos, various classes, different training modes, and کاملا in a completely professional and amazing way, and do yoga at home! If you are interested in sports and would like to install and use the best yoga software on your Android, you can be sure that the Yoga Studio app will be the best option; So far, 100 people have purchased the software and given it a score of 5.0 out of 5.0, which certainly does not give anyone a poor rating of 5; You also tested this application and said what score do you give it !?

Some features and features of the Yoga Studio Android application:

  • +60 HD and various videos for learning yoga
  • Select 10 to 60 second time for classes
  •  Suitable for all people: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Practice to achieve strength, flexibility, relaxation and balance
  • Customize all classes according to personal needs
  •  Search to find class based on time, focus, etc.
  • Download classes for offline use without the need for the Internet
  • Synchronize class history with mobile calendar!
  • More than 280 different images and text to learn yoga
  • Unique design with dozens of small features and volume!

Yoga Studio application has been downloaded for the first time in Iran by Usroid , which is a paid and complete version; You can download this software with one click from Usroid high speed servers. Download and try the above software and tell other friends if it was worth downloading ?! Can it be considered the best yoga training software ?!

Version changes: v2.8.7

* There are no changes to this version of the app on Google Play.



Yoga Studio