Yourhour – Phone Tracker & Controller V2.0.3 Addiction  applications to track and control smartphone addiction for Android
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If the first thing you do after waking up is ‌ check your smartphone and do not leave your phone even while eating and attending class, you are probably addicted to your smartphone. Social networks make communication between friends, family members and people in general easier. In addition, these networks are the best tool for learning about what is happening around the world. But little by little, their nature has changed among some people and has become an addictive tool. Smartphone addiction is a very serious and common problem in the world. To combat this addiction, some prescribe to stay away from any smart device and cut off all access to the Internet for a long time. This method is very difficult and impossible due to our daily need for smartphones.YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller is an application for tracking the use of a smartphone and controlling its addiction, especially for the Android operating system.Developed by Mindefy Labs Software Group and published for free on Google Play. Your Hour app is a great way to find out about dependencies and behavioral habits on your smartphone. When you install this app, as soon as you unlock your phone, a timer will be activated to track how much you use your smartphone. When launching the app, you can enter information about how to use the smartphone so that the app measures your dependency and shows you. You can also set your own goals by using the app. In the program dashboard, you can see information about the amount of time you use different programs and the number of times you open the phone. Using the Reports option, you can see the statistics related to the use of the phone during the day and the past days. An important part of the program is the challenges option, where you can use it to create challenges for yourself to reduce the time spent on the phone or a particular program. This program does not store any data on its servers and all your information will be stored on your phone.

Some features and capabilities of YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller Android app :

  • Provide complete information on how to use the mobile phone, including all hours and duration of use
  • Possibility to measure the level of mobile phone addiction and determine the stage of addiction progress
  • Display a timer next to social networking apps to indicate lost time
  • Ability to set time limits for using applications
  • Display the duration of use of each application in one day as an advanced timeline
  • Ability to output the program in XLSX format
  • Has a widget to display the necessary information on the home screen

Application YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller is a very useful application for smartphone users, and with the consent of Android users has rated excellent 4.6 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program from Usroid for free.


YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller PRO