YourSlice – Smart App Blocker v1.14 – Professional and full-featured Android
app app for $ 2.49

One of the problems we face with the spread of Android smartphones is the declining quality of work activities! This problem occurs for a variety of reasons, one of the main reasons being lack of concentration. Not having enough focus when doing activities causes you to not be able to perform your tasks properly and the balance of tasks is disturbed in the long run. Smart devices are not the only reason for this lack of focus, but the software we use! Some suggest not using smartphones to avoid disturbing the focus, which we must say is not a principled and rational thing to do and causes a variety of problems. So the best way to eliminate this problem is to plan to work with smartphones! YourSlice – Smart App BlockerIs the title of an Android phone application planning application developed by Mindefy Labs and published on Google Play. As the title suggests, this software is a good solution to increase your focus and productivity when doing business activities. The set of options available in this startup helps users to block the programs they want so that they never waste their time running them. In addition to being able to use this app to increase focus, it is able to use it to eliminate smartphone addiction. As mentioned, each option is customizable and the time and date of using the programs is up to you. Define your own plan for each day and be sure that you will finish your activities with the highest quality level.

Some features and capabilities of YourSlice – Smart App Blocker Android app:

  • Block the use of apps to increase focus
  • A smart option to quit addiction to Android smartphones
  • Create your own custom plans on a daily basis
  • Determine programs and when to block them
  • Inability to use programs with any tricks when they are locked
  • Provide accurate and intelligent reports of restrictions
  • Reminders when to start plans to quickly meet your needs before programs are locked

Application YourSlice – Smart App Blocker to set its own capabilities in the area of increasing focus and addiction to smartphones Android developer it for free along with in-network $ 2.49 at Google Play, released and managed to score 4.2 from 5.0 to Received by users. Now you can download the latest professional version of this program from the direct servers of the large Usroid website .


YourSlice - Smart App Blocker