YouTube – The latest version of the official YouTube software for Android

YouTube is one of the largest and most popular social networks for video sharing, with millions of audio and video files on its servers. YouTube was created by three characters, Chad Hurley ٬ Steven Chen and Javad Karim, who were PayPal employees ! The three characters who created the Flickr social network to share files at a dinner party thought of creating a video sharing site, and after a long time succeeded in creating a YouTube site. The domain of the YouTube site was activated on February 17, 2004 and was gradually launched in the following months. Six months later, in May 2004, the site was officially and publicly opened, and on November 15, following the astonishing success of YouTube, Google bought it for $ 1,650 million . Today, when YouTube is the largest video sharing site, 65,000 videos are uploaded every day, which shows the popularity and high number of views of this site.

Some features of the YouTube Android application:

* Access to millions of videos in various categories

* Ability to search intelligently and powerfully among videos

* Allow commenting or liking shared videos

* Easy sharing of videos by users and you

* High speed loading of videos stored on the database

* Ability to use the software and watch videos without membership

The site has released its official software called YouTube for a variety of operating systems, including Android, so that users can easily access this social network and upload and view videos. This software has a simple user-friendly user interface and has some features. You can download the latest version of YouTube software for your Android smartphone with a direct link and for free from Usroid .

Note that: YouTube network is a filter and to use it, you must have a filter-breaker.


Download YouTube 4.4.11 - the official YouTube app for Android