3D Live Wallpaper Pro v1.41 Yukiwarisou  – Live Wallpaper Beautiful flowers Yukiwarisou Android  
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Live Wallpaper is one of the beautiful appearances of Android operating system. Live wallpapers are also known by other names such as animated wallpapers, live wallpapers, live wallpapers, and more. A live wallpaper is actually an animated image that can be used as a background image for the device. Many live wallpapers are interactive and change position with each touch of the user, which has made them very popular. Live wallpapers have been around for a long time by default on Android phones, and many wallpapers have been made by different developers for this operating system. Many users of Android smart devices have a special interest in using live wallpapers. Currently, various live wallpapers have been provided for the Android operating system, and we have also introduced a number of them in Usroid. Yukiwarisou 3D Live Wallpaper Pro is a very beautiful and three-dimensional live wallpaper with the theme of Yukiwarisou flower for Android operating system, developed by Warotaro Kashiwazaki software group for Android devices and published on Google Play for $ 0.99. By installing this application, you can access a beautiful live wallpaper of Yukiwarisou flowers, along with beautiful natural effects, and give a new spirit to your smartphone or tablet.

Some features and capabilities of Yukiwarisou 3D Live Wallpaper Pro Android app :

  • Has a beautiful collection of Yukiwarisou flowers that are constantly changing
  • Ability to adjust the effect of hot and cold light that is reminiscent of winter and spring
  • Ability to adjust the desired color for flowers or use random colors
  • Full compatibility with a variety of phone and tablet screens in different sizes
  • Ability to adjust the number of live wallpaper flowers
  • Ability to adjust the number of shed leaves in the wallpaper
  • Ability to adjust the number of drops and rainfall intensity in snow and winter effects
  • Ability to apply blur effects like miniature images
  • Ability to enable or disable shadows
  • Change camera angle and petal color with each live wallpaper display

Application Yukiwarisou 3D Live Wallpaper Pro  takes its name from a flower called Yukiwarisou  that is native to Japan. This program can be very interesting for those who are interested in using live wallpapers and bring them the experience of watching beautiful Japanese flowers. This beautiful wallpaper has recently been published in the form of money on Google Play, and now you can download the purchased version from Usroid for free and have a part of the beautiful nature of Japan in your smart device.


Yukiwarisou 3D Live Wallpaper Pro