Z Shelter Survival Games- Survive The Last Day v1.2.29 Mod – popular action game for Android only on the island
of the original copy mode (Quick trip = Fast moving map)
tested to run without problems

Z Shelter Survival Games- Survive The Last Day is an action-adventure game from Joy Blitz Game Studio for Android, which is available for free on Google Play, and at your request, the latest version is available with a download mode. It is in front of you. It’s been a year or two since the release of the first Android-style games; Exciting games that made a big splash in the same initial release and attracted a huge range of users who own Android devices, popular, exciting and of course graphic and beautiful online games such as Last Day on Earth: Survival , Frostborn , Westland Survival to small survival games like Ocean Is Home: Island That allowed players to play offline! In all these games, we were faced with a clichéd story, and you, as the main character of the game, were someone who happened to be in the game, and now he has to work to survive! Dozens and it is better to say that hundreds of survival style games have been published with this story, along with this clichéd story, each of which has a series of special features that have made them more popular than the other. In this regard, today we are going to introduce one of the most popular games of this genre called “Z Shelter Survival Games- Survive The Last Day”, a game with the same stereotypical story and of course a series of unique features that have made millions. Let people love it! In the game ” Only on the island” Your plane crashed and you’re the only one who survived.” Now you have a big challenge: to survive on an unknown island that is completely alone. Like other games of this genre, start from scratch and create an exciting world by collecting items, building a shelter and fighting wild animals, a world in which, in addition to trying to survive, a wonderful and one hundred percent journey You will experience excitement.

Some features of Z Shelter Survival Games-Survive The Last Day Android action game:

  • Start a fantastic adventure on a mysterious island
  • Available in different areas to be discovered by you
  • Ability to build a shelter for yourself and protect your life
  • Ability to build various weapons to protect yourself against wildlife
  • Facing a huge range of unique challenges
  • Great 3D graphics, exciting sound and great build

Games Z Shelter Survival Games- Survive The Last Day To date, millions of times by Android users around the world from the Google Play store and has received good rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 gain. If you are a fan of survival games, don’t miss this lovely game and experience it for a hacked hour, maybe make it one of the favorite games you play on your phone. Be at a higher level! You can get the latest update of this game along with the mod and full data version of Usroid high-speed servers .

Note: The game is online and always requires an internet connection.

Modifications to V1.2.29:

* Various optimizations and troubleshooting.


Z Shelter Survival Games- Survive The Last Day



Instructions for installing and running the game:

– First, download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.survivalstudio.arkisland folder to the android / obb path of the device’s internal memory.

– Run the game.