Zenfield File Manager Ad-free v1.6-google – Full- featured and optimized Android file manager
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Zenfield File Manager Ad-free as a professional yet full -featured file manager for popular Android smart devicesHas been developed and published by Zenfield in both free and paid versions, and now the paid version is now available to you. This software is specially optimized for smartphones and tablets; Provides you with unparalleled capabilities for complete file management. Easily perform your desired operations on your files or cancel them at any time, put your files icon in the toolbar to access it with a simple touch without any time spent Be. Zenfield uses both network and list modes to display files in memory, and with its professional search system, it provides access to thousands of files in just a few seconds. In addition, you no longer need backup programs and you just need to connect this file manager to Dropbox cloud servers to back up all your files at any time and place. If you are a beginner Android user, do not miss this management program with its simple and easy user interface.

Some features and capabilities of Zenfield File Manager Ad-free Android application:

  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Simple and beautiful user interface
  • Insert icons in toolbar for quick access to files
  • View your files as both a list and a network
  • Powerful and fast search engine
  • Bookmark your files for easy access
  • Common management commands such as copy, transfer, delete and…
  • Support for all files on Dropbox cloud servers
  • Go to the desired folder by touching the application icon
  • Access thumbnail images and format them

Application Zenfield File Manager Ad-free with the support of the wonderful system of file management has a price of $ 2.49 Self- rating: 4.7 of 5.0 by users Play Store downloads, which can now use the newest version of the purchased software Download for free from Usroid site.

Changes in version v1.6:

* Added support for Android 7


Zenfield File Manager Ad-Free