Zest Web Browser – Ad Blocker, Fast & Private v2.0.20 – Fast and optimal browser application for Android
Purchased and complete version for $ 2.99 for the first time Persian language sites

Users typically use browsers several times a day to find the web pages they are looking for; One of the most important issues for all of us when searching is the high speed of our browsers, which unfortunately is not found in many of the default site browsing tools. Zest Web Browser – Ad Blocker, Fast & PrivateIs the title of a fast and optimal browser for Android, published by MangoFish Ltd. With a powerful internal engine, this program provides a new experience for its users while searching. Browse different pages at high speed and make sure your security is fully maintained. Among the popular features of this startup is its anti-advertising system, which helps you experience a headache-free browsing. Use the full screen and cancel the image run pages to load as fast as possible! Blocking image load not only speeds up search, it also saves a lot of traffic.

Some features and capabilities of Zest Web Browser – Ad Blocker, Fast & Private Android:

  • Very high speed browsing web pages
  • Use a powerful internal motor
  • Different security layers to protect users’ information
  • Block ads for a flawless search
  • Incognito mode to block any user information
  • Bookmark your favorite web pages
  • Unparalleled mode prevents images from loading to speed up and save traffic
  • Access a complete history of all the URLs you visit
  • Fullscreen browsing mode
  • View real-time search suggestions
  • Select the default search engine

Application Zest Web Browser – Ad Blocker, Fast & Private With features specifically managed by 2.99 dollar Score 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version purchased it without any restrictions Get the huge Usroid database ; As mentioned, this program has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran.


Zest Web Browser - Ad Blocker, Fast & Private