Zoetropic – Photo in motion v2.1.20 – Android images animation app
Purchased version for $ 2.49 with full description

Special and various effects and filters can be seen among Android applications that users use to make their images more attractive and try to distinguish them from other photos. You may have heard the name Cinematograph by now, one of the wonderful tricks and effects that bring still images to life! If you are also interested in this type of effects, then join us in this post. Zoetropic – Photo in motion is a unique and wonderful application for animating images by Rafael Batista Santos for AndroidDeveloped and published in the big Google Play Market. Unlike other cinematography software, this program allows you to move your images without any movie recording and store them in a wonderful way. With a simple review, the strength of this program can be considered as the tools in it, so that after using them and saving the final result, everyone thinks that the existing animated image has been created by a completely professional person. . Mark the area you want to make sure it doesn’t move and stays perfectly still on the screen. Zoom in on different parts of your image for more accurate results, and make sure everything is applied in perfect detail. The final results of each of your edits are stored automatically in the software so that you can quickly access them at any time.


Zoetropic - Photo in motion


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