Zombario v0.4.02 + Mod – Arcade-interesting and exciting action game “Zambario” for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Zombario is a simple, minimalist but very fun and action game made with exciting gameplay and designs. This game has been released by the Russian Black Temple studio for the Android operating system and has been released on Google Play. Usroid is proud to prepare another game for the first time as the first Iranian website and invites you to download it in a tested and free form. It is worth mentioning that Usroid has prepared a modded version of this game in addition to the original version of Google Play. Zombario is in the category of arcade games and its nature is just like arcade games with action elements. The gameplay style is made by adapting the classic platformer style games. If you are familiar with the old games of the 90’s that have been released in this genre, you can see this pattern very quickly at first glance from Zombario. Although the game development studio is a simple, anonymous and fledgling studio, the elements used in the game and its general features for an arcade-platformer title are well designed and developed and should be considered by the developer. Admired this game. Apart from these issues, it should be said that the overall game in terms of graphics and gameplay is very well designed, and in fact it can be said that there is a very good relationship between the two.




In Zombario, we are once again dealing with a clichéd story. The story of the game, like hundreds of other similar games, is related to the destruction of the earth by deadly creatures called zombies. Zombies are actually human beings who have become scary and dangerous creatures due to genetic mutations, and there is no way to cure them, and the only way to stop them is to destroy them! According to the story, a malicious company that intends to destroy humans has created this dangerous disease on the surface of the earth by making biological weapons. While different parts of the world are declining because of these zombies, a group of heroes are working to stop these monsters. In the role of these heroes, you have a duty to travel to different parts of the world on various missions and try to save human beings. In Zombario you can upgrade your hero and use various weapons to destroy the zombies. Watch out for your enemies because they will use all their power to destroy you. As mentioned, the main nature of the game is similar to platformer titles, which means that during the game you can jump on different platforms from the front view, follow the game steps and aim at them and shoot at the zombies. Destroy. Zombario is a simple but very entertaining and perhaps challenging title that is recommended for fans of arcade and action games. To download the game, refer to the Usroid box download section and download the latest version of the game as normal or modded from the relevant section.

Note: In the mod version you shop, your money will increase instead of decrease!