Zombie Defense King v1.2.0 + Mod – Arcade and strategy game of King of Defense against zombies Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline execution

Zombie Defense King – A beautiful and entertaining arcade and strategy game in the category of simulation titles. The game has been released by the famous Korean studio mobirix, which has released dozens of different games in different genres and is available to players around the world for free. Usroid this time as the first Iranian websitePrepares and reviews another game from this studio and introduces it for the first time on the web of your service. We have prepared this fun game with a separate modded version for download. You can download this game for free from the relevant section and install it on your Android device without the need for any special work or payment. This game is modeled on many other games that are offered in the same style, and its main nature, as its name suggests, is a defense style game. But what makes this game interesting is the combination of several different styles in the form of a simulation game.


Zombie Defense King


In Zombie Defense KingYou are in the role of a group of heroes who risk their lives for human survival and carry out a difficult, deadly mission. The world has been turned into an uninhabitable place by wild and violent zombies and there is no security for humans anywhere. However, most of the people in the world have perished because of this incident or have become zombies. There are only a few human beings left, and you are in the role of the leader of a group of these human beings who have worked to save humanity. There are different characters in Zombie Defense King. You can use these characters in a group and successfully complete the game with their help. The main nature of the game is in the style of fighting zombies in the form of a strategic and defensive game. The game starts with you on one side of the image and the zombies on the other. As the game begins, zombies move towards you, trying to cross your border and invade your shelter. But you have to protect your borders by building a line of fire. To do this, you must use a variety of weapons to stop the enemy and use the special forces and skills that your heroes have. In Zombie Defense King, you can have a long time of fun and excitement. To download the latest version of this game in normal or modded form, just go to the download boxSee Usroid .