These days all the places in the city look weird! All shops and hotels are closed and there is no place to relax and buy drinks! Damn zombies are following you everywhere! They have killed many people !! There are a variety of weapons around the corner, from sniper rifles to a variety of machines and saws to destroy zombies!

All of the above descriptions were part of the description of the incredibly beautiful game Zombie HQ , in which you as a person fight against zombies and shoot down the zombies with all kinds of shotguns and destroyers to destroy them completely. Get out of your city and bring security and comfort back to the city.

Some features of Zombie HQ:

* Possession of a variety of bullets, sniper rifles, saws and

* Being towers and explosives

* A variety of special missions to get rewards

* Different characters with a variety of costumes and unique capabilities

Note: If you remove the game from your device, all your money and progress will be completely lost.

You can download Zombie HQ game with a direct link and for free from Usroid for your Android smartphone.

Total game size: 78 MB


Download Zombie HQ - Android zombie fighting game + data file




Download the Zombie HQ game data file with a size of 74 MB

Data file path: sdcard / android / obb


Download Zombie HQ Android Game