ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL v1.22.0 + Mod – Exciting action game “Surviving against Zombies” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money + equipment) separately
Tested offline

ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL – Surviving against Zombies is another action game from Vietnamese studio VNG GAME STUDIOS, with the theme of post-apocalyptic world and zombies, like several other games from this studio. This game development company has a great interest in such games and stories about zombies, and has introduced and released several different games in this genre, such as DEAD TARGET, DEAD WARFARE: Zombie, and MAD ZOMBIES. ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL, whose full name on Google Play is ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL: Offline Games, is another one of these games, which we introduce to you on Usroid website simultaneously with the release of its new version. Apart from the general themes of these games, which have a completely similar resemblance to each other, their stories are also very similar. However, it should be noted that the unique differences and decisions that the creators have used for each game have made these games each an attractive and distinct game. The story of ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL game takes place in 2024 AD, when humans are destroying the environment and the Earth with various pollutions. The shortage of resources and severely unsanitary conditions cause people to become sick, and humanity is approaching extinction. Humans have become weak and have no hope for life until a doctor creates a special medicine that can make them stronger and vaccinate them against many diseases.




The story of ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL game begins where, after several years of this incident, and while it seemed that humanity had been able to make less effort to survive with a new method, in 2027, people who had used this medicine suddenly turned into bloodthirsty and zombie-like creatures! This epidemic quickly spread, and in less than a few weeks, the whole earth was infected with this disease, and almost 80% of the world’s population turned into zombies! A few humans remain and go to the same doctor to survive. This doctor claims that a mistake has caused this, and he is looking for a way to cure and eliminate this disease. Meanwhile, he creates a shelter for survivors. In ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL, you are one of these survivors who considers destroying zombies and helping others as their duty. You must travel to different locations on difficult missions and prevent more humans from being destroyed. Your main task is to destroy them with various weapons before the zombies kill you in each stage of the game. The game’s graphics are excellent, and its modeling is entirely three-dimensional. The gameplay is summarized only to your accurate targeting and shooting. The game character stands still, and you have to catch and destroy zombies before they get close to the target. Then the game character changes position, and the game follows from another view. In this game, you can buy all kinds of military weapons and equipment. Despite its attractive features, ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL has a very suitable volume. If you are looking for a zombie-themed action game, do not miss the survival game against zombies and download its latest version along with a modded version from Usroid right now. This game has succeeded in downloading more than 1 million times on Google Play with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0.

Note: The game name has been changed to ZOMBIE HUNTER.