Zombie War: Idle Defense Game v249 + Mod – “Zombie War” arcade and tactical game for Android
Regular version + mod version (increase money and diamonds instead of decreasing) separately
Tested offline

Zombie War: Idle Defense Game – جنگ زامبی is another title made in the clicker game genre, combining strategic and tower defense (TD) styles. It is released in the arcade category and available to Android players worldwide. This game is developed for free by the Singaporean studio ONESOFT and has been published. ONESOFT studio is mostly active in two main genres of Galaxy Shooter and Idle games. Zombie War game is made and designed with a lot of similarity to another game from the same developer called Zombie Idle Defense. These two games are not only similar in naming but also in appearance, style, and gameplay context. It is not clear why this developer has released two different games with similar names, graphics, and designs separately, but anyway, it can be said that if you have experienced Zombie Idle Defense, Zombie War: Idle Defense Game will have a lot of freshness for you. Even the character designs of both games are very similar, and overall, it can be said that these two games may be one main game that one of them has been released as a separate update.


Zombie War: Idle Defense Game


The game Zombie War: Idle Defense Game is a very interesting and exciting combination of various game genres including strategy, tower defense, management, tactics and clicker, all of which are used in the main category of the game, called Arcade. In the Zombie War game, you will travel to the year 2113 AD. In this worried world, it seems that the world has come to an end because the entire earth has been taken over by zombies. You are one of those who have not yet fallen into the hands of these deadly zombies, along with your friends and companions. You are supposed to save the world from these zombies as an unparalleled hero. The only way to do this is to destroy a group of these creatures. So get ready to go after the enemy with the help of various characters and heroes, various weapons and numerous equipment, and destroy them one by one. In the Zombie War: Idle Defense Game, which is actually a completely defensive game, you need to create a firing line, a protected border, and prevent zombies from approaching this border. To get the best feedback, you must use your forces in the best way and at the right time. Each of the game characters can be upgraded to dozens of levels. By upgrading and professionally managing the forces you have, you must prepare yourself for missions and harder stages. The Zombie War: Idle Defense Game has simple and fantasy designs, and its exciting and action-packed gameplay can be very attractive to anyone, especially fans of this genre of games. To download the latest version of this game, simply go to the download box section of Usroid and download the regular or modified version of the game.

Attention: Use your gold wisely in your mod version, so that it increases rather than decreases.