Google Play Sanctions is one of the things that has bothered Android users in recent years. Hard access to many essential applications has caused problems for many of our dear compatriots. Usroid’s media was created eight years ago to help Iranians circumvent sanctions. During these years, this media quickly became popular among users with timely updates and having a huge database of various applications, so that these days more than 12,000 applications and games can be found in Usroid. There are more than 100,000 games and software in the Google Play market. In Usroid, however, due to the fact that the applications are completely manual and non-machine introduced and updated; Of course, not all of this software is available. However, if the software / game was available on Google Play and you did not find it in Usroid, you can submit your request through this page, which has been prepared for you dear ones, to be reviewed by us and added to the application archive. Be!

Before sending a request, pay attention to the following:

  1. Since the apps that are in Google Play are fully checked for security and such problems before being uploaded by Google, so please refrain from requesting apps that are not available in Google Play.
  2. If you need a version of Mod, Unlock, Pro or Premium of an application, it will be available to dear users if available; If a modded version is not available, the original version will be placed on the site.
  3. Due to the large number of applications, it may take some time to process your application; Please refrain from submitting multiple requests and be patient; All requests are reviewed one by one and placed on the site.
  4. Please check the app’s availability before searching through the search bar.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

My application has not been uploaded for a long time, despite the passage of time. What is the reason for this?

If after a long time you have noticed that the application has not been accepted, the reason for this may be filtering, recognizing the app as malware, violating Usroid rules, incomplete installation package, or the like. If your application to one of these Reasons not posted on the site Please refrain from requesting it again.

Is there a way to track the requested application?

It is not possible to follow the request through this page. If you want to follow through the main page of Usroid, you can wait for the loading of your desired application. But if for any reason you need to follow your application professionally, you can Subscribe to Usroid Professional Panel to professionally follow your requested application.