Sky: Children of the Light v0.9.3 – A very beautiful story game “Sky: Children of Light” for Android Trailer is
a very attractive and unique game in the adventure-role-playing style
tested online.

Sky: Children of the Light – Heavenly Land: The Children of Light is the name of one of the most anticipated games of 2019, which has been pre-registered for several months on a trial basis until the full version of the game is released in the spring. 2020 was released for Android phones and tablets. Usroid at your request, dear ones, and for the first time among all Iranian sites It has prepared, reviewed and introduced the full version of this game for you dear ones. Sky: Children of the Light is an interesting and completely different game, which is undoubtedly a special and unique account for you. The American studio thatgamecompany inc, which had already made a lot of noise in 2012 with the making of the revolutionary game Journey and was able to represent dozens of different awards and also win the title of the best game of 2013, modeled Sky: Children of the Light. From the same game Journey has produced. In any way, this game is a masterpiece in terms of art, and its unique designs, which we haven’t seen in any other similar game, are similar to the next generation of mobile games! The eye-catching and detailed graphics of this game will remind you exactly of console games. In addition, the game’s super smooth and dynamic gameplay, which can run at 60 frames per second, brings you a completely unique experience of this game. In addition to these fascinating and admirable designs, Sky: Children of the Light has scored a lot of money in the story and adventure content!


Sky: Children of the Light


The story of Sky: Children of the Light It is related to a dreamy and legendary land that is surrounded by clouds. The land known as the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who travels to this land will be there in the form of the children of light. This land was the most beautiful and joyful land in the world for centuries. A large part of this beauty was due to the stars that were present around this land. But one day a divine test will be considered for this land. The stars do not pass this proud test because of their pride, and this is why this land is cursed! Now you are responsible for enlightening the children of light, whose task is always to spread hope and life to the world, to follow the story behind this tragic event and to find the ghosts that are involved in this issue. During the game, you have to follow the lights to determine the fate of this beautiful land, which has now become an abandoned world, and to bring the spirit of life back to this land. Sky: Children of the Light is designed in a role-playing style. This game is completely open world game and you can move around in dreamy and imaginary lands, run, jump over obstacles or even swim in the water and most of all more attractive, with the help of spiritual wings. Fly in the sky! In Sky: Children of the Light, you have the task of following the game’s storyline with the main characters and completing the game’s missions to save this beautiful land. The game’s design is completely 3D and the gameplay is very smooth. With the help of virtual controllers on the screen, you can look around 360 degrees and move in any direction you want.Download Usroid and start your dream adventure!

Additional points:

  1. This game is only installed on ARM64 devices running Android 8.0 and above.
  2. Please note that at the time of release of this game, the version in Google Play is a demo version and incomplete, which has been released in many other sites as the original and complete version. But note that the version released by Usroid is the full version for developers, which is several times the size of the incomplete version. However, the game is still in beta and there is a possibility that it will not run properly on some devices.
  3. The game is available in Package APKs and the installation method is different. (Installation tutorial in the next section.)
  4. The game requires the Internet to run, send and receive information from the server.
  5. To open the game settings, tap one of the four corners of the image and select the gear option from the top right.
  6. In the settings section, you can reduce or increase the game’s graphics.

Game installation tutorial:

  • First, download the compressed file containing the installation file, which is an APKS file, and then transfer it to the device’s memory.
  • Then  download the SAI app  and install it on your device. (This app is also included in the download zip file along with the game itself.)
  • Open the SAI app and select Install APKs.
  • Then, from the folders, go to the downloaded file of the game that you extracted from the compressed mode in step 1 in APKS format and select the desired file.
  • Wait for the program to integrate the multiplayer files and make the game ready to install.
  • Then the Install message will appear and you can easily install and run the game. (No need to copy data and other sub-tasks.)

Changes to version v0.9.3:

* Various optimizations and troubleshooting new features added