[Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers v5.3.2 [Premium – Android Alarm Clock App for Heavy Sleepers
Premium version with all features worth $1.99 is presented to you

Everyone has their own personal habits when it comes to light or heavy sleep, and having a heavy sleep can be troublesome in many situations, especially during winter, and sometimes the person may miss important classes or work appointments. So far, various gadgets have been made for this group of people and have been introduced to the market, some of which have not been imported to Iran or are expensive if available in the Iranian market. Therefore, we intend to solve your problem forever by introducing a special and feature-rich application. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is the title of an alarm clock for people with heavy sleep, developed by AMdroid Alarm Clock – No more oversleep for Android and published on the Google Play Store. This software, with its unique and special features, allows users to wake up calmly with multiple alarms and start a lively morning. More than 100 different features are noticeable in the list of features of this smart alarm clock, among which challenges can be mentioned. After waking up, the alarm sound will not stop until the challenges are solved, which will help you achieve complete alertness after sleep.

Some features and capabilities of the Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Android app:

  • Create multiple alarms to ensure wakefulness
  • Create personal profiles with various settings for heavy and deep sleepers
  • Repetitive alerts throughout the day or week
  • Countdown for a short nap
  • Wake up to your favorite song and accurate weather information
  • Use various challenges to prevent falling asleep again
  • Limit alerts to geographic location
  • Set delay time as desired
  • Identify public holidays for countries and disable alarms on such days
  • Support for Android smartwatches

The Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers app, with over 100 diverse features, has received a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users, and can now be downloaded for free from the reputable website فارسروید with in-network payment of $1.99 for the premium version, which includes all features.


Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers