As you know, there are numerous programs available for Android in the field of weather forecasting and receiving weather conditions, with which you can easily see the weather conditions of all countries in the world. So far, we have introduced more than 5 of these programs to you, such as Go Weather and Yahoo Weather, etc. Today, we are with you with a new and powerful program in the field of receiving weather conditions, called BBC Weather. This program allows you to see the latest weather conditions wherever you are. This software is the official application of the BBC Weather website at, which has been released for Android devices.

Android users can easily view the weather conditions of cities around the world and use other features of the program, which are mentioned below:

* The possibility of searching for your desired countries and cities with the ability to automatically add them to your favorites list has been added.

* Having the ability to predict the weather conditions up to 48 hours in advance

* Displaying accurate weather conditions for the country of England (updated every three hours)

* Having an exclusive widget for the home screen

* Sharing favorite locations with friends via NFC

The useful BBC Weather application is available for free and the latest version is provided to you by Usroid. We hope that it will be to the liking of you, our friends. To see some images of the application’s interface, you can refer to the continuation of the article.

* Improving program stability and resolving multiple issues


Download BBC Weather - BBC weather program for Android



Download BBC Weather Android



Download BBC Weather Android