Blue Light Filter for Migraine – Eye Shield Pro v4.03.1 – Filter and remove light blue screen for Android
purchased version for $ 2.79 for the first time in Iran

The light emitted from all monitors has several different spectrums, one of which is blue light and directly affects the sleep cycle. The long-term effects of this spectrum of light can easily disrupt sleep, increase the risk of cataracts and lead to migraine headaches. If you work long hours with smart devices, then you should know that the best way to prevent damage to blue light is special glasses, but there is another solution that is also a filter of this light spectrum! Blue Light Filter for Migraine – Eye Shield Pro as a professional eye protector and blue screen filter for Android devicesDeveloped and published by Ascendik. This software prevents any damage and reduces it to a minimum by preventing the increase and collision of blue light rays to the eye. Unlike many similar programs, setting the filters is entirely up to you and your taste, and you can change and save them according to your needs and vision. After activating and personalizing at any hour of the day, especially in the middle of the night, your eyesight will not be damaged and you will be able to work comfortably with a smart phone or read digital books.

Some features and capabilities of Blue Light Filter for Migraine – Eye Shield Pro Android:

  • Access the preset blue light filter
  • Protect your eyes from any harmful rays
  • Fast and complete control over activated filters
  • Customize filters based on your needs
  • Adjust the amount of color and dynamics of activated filters
  • Save any changes to filters individually
  • Set the time for automatic activation and deactivation of filters
  • Save up to 15% of battery life by reducing screen brightness
  • Supports large screen tablets

Application Blue Light Filter for Migraine – Eye Shield Pro with a set of specific capabilities in the field of filter blue light and protect eyesight has been able to price $ 2.79 Self- rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired now You can download the latest version from the great Usroid website .


Blue Light Filter for Migraine - Eye Shield Pro