Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker v1.14.83 – The safest and fastest anti-advertising browser app for Android The
latest version with more than 1 million downloads from Google Play

One of the biggest problems that Internet users are constantly facing is the various advertisements on the websites that, in addition to slowing down your activities, also consume a lot of Internet volume. One of the most common ways to solve this problem is to use anti-advertising software, which takes up a lot of storage space and increases battery consumption to some extent! But one of the best ways is to use an anti-advertising browser. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker is a secure, fast and anti-advertising browser developed by Brave Software for Android.Developed and published in the Google Play Store. Without the need for any plugins or special plugins, quickly view the light of different sites and memorize annoying ads forever. The security system used in this program, in addition to protecting you from any threats, also protects all your information in a special way and protects your privacy. The remarkable thing about this browser is the very low battery consumption! Just simply compare it to other browsers on the Internet to see high speed, very low volume and low battery consumption.

Some features and capabilities of Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker for Android:

  • High speed in searching web pages
  • Blocking all kinds of ads, including pop-up pages
  • Very low battery consumption compared to other Internet browsers
  • Optimize data consumption and save Internet volume
  • Protect your information against any attack or threat
  • Https security system
  • Blocking malicious scripts
  • Block cookies
  • Mark your favorite websites
  • Create website privacy tabs

The Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker app , backed by a great and unique set of web browsing features, has managed to score 4.3 out of 5.0 in just a short time with one million active downloads, which is now the latest version. Download it from Usroid site servers in Iran.


Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker