Complete Rhythm Trainer v1.1.7 [Unlocked] – Professional Rhythm Training App for Android Musicians Unlocked
and complete version of the program worth $ 3.99 for the first time in Iran

Singing rhythm means the sequence and distance between the beats of the song to harmonize the music. Rhythm can be considered one of the most important aspects of music that every musician should have enough skill on. One of the main problems that musicians face is getting out of rhythm when playing an instrument, so there are several ways to enhance this aspect of music. Complete Rhythm Trainer Full The title of a professional application is rhythm training for musicians, developed by Binary Guilt Software and published on Google Play. This startup strengthens different parts of this skill, the most important of which is mastery in reading, recognizing and following the steps. More than 252 different exercises are offered at 4 different levels, and following them in a short period of time will significantly increase your skills. To record all the tutorials in your mind, there are eleven different exercises designed as games. Some of the exercises in this collection are created completely by accident, which helps to strengthen your abilities in all aspects.

Some features and capabilities of Android Complete Rhythm Trainer:

  • Learn to read, recognize and play rhythms
  • Provide more than 252 advanced exercises in 4 different levels and 30 different chapters
  • Extensive content and overshadowing all aspects of education
  • Choose 11 exercises in game mode to record your learning
  • 23 audio recorders with real recorded sounds
  • Create custom exercises according to your abilities
  • Synchronize existing information with cloud servers
  • Four different styles of music screens

The Complete Rhythm Trainer app has been able to get a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying a fee of $ 3.99 on its network, which can now be downloaded from the web. site Usroid downloaded. In our version, all the features are available for free.

V1.1.7 version changes:

* Ability to change the speed of exercises
* Troubleshoot and improve program performance


Complete Rhythm Trainer Full